About us

About us

Being "wrapped in luxury" has taken on a whole new meaning when it comes to the distinctive accessories that epitomize world-class hospitality.

The Madison Collection, designers of the finest cotton soft accessories, has replaced thick, fluffy robes, towels, bath mats and other products
with stylishly thinner counterparts that are more absorbent, and at the same time sensual to the touch, alluring to the eye, energy-efficient
and friendly to the bottom line.

The very thick bed and bath accessories that were once considered the hallmark of luxury are giving way to the forward-thinking technology
embraced by The Madison Collection.

The Madison Collection is a collection of the finest products found in the most excellent factories in countries such as Brazil, Peru, Finland, Italy,
Portugal, South Africa and Vietnam. All the items are hand picked and designed by The Madison Collection with particular note to quality of
raw materials and finish of goods.The Madison Collection wraps your senses in luxury.


About The Madison Collection

What we do

Here at The Madison Collection we deliver the finest in cotton towels, loungewear, and bath accessories to ensure that your bath and spa collection
not only looks great, but also offers supreme comfort, absorbency, and durability. By combining quality, lightweight fibers and luxurious weaves,
The Madison Collection allows you to transform your bathroom, spa, or poolside into a true retreat.


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