Bath Towels

Our Bath Towel collections are woven with the finest cotton for a luxurious bath experience. Wrapping yourself in absorbent yet lightweight towels when emerging from the bath or shower is a delight. Select from any one of our stylish patterns or mix and match to create your signature bath display. Need help making a choice? We have put together Essential Bath Sets that have everything you need to create a complete bathing experience.

  • Novotel-Towel

    Novotel Towels


    A towel with so much personality! This 100% cotton towel sports a contemporary dimpled pattern making it both absorbent and enjoyable to the touch. Leave the drying to us – wrap yourself in this towel and POOF! You are miraculously dry!

  • $9.00$65.00

    Bordado Towels


    Voted Best Spa Towel 2016




    NEXT LEVEL innovation transcends the needs of all generations. Environmental design saves energy, water and space. Trimmed in universally appealing gray, softly luxurious, lightweight and thirsty. Generously sized so wrap it up, bathing rituals completed!

  • $8.00$62.00

    Luxor Towels


    A refined Egyptian cotton towel so sophisticated you will be thrilled at its performance. It absorbs moisture so quickly, you barely have to dry yourself. Relax and enjoy your shower or bath, leave the drying to Luxor.

  • Canelado Towel

    Canelado Towels


    Essentially elegant, textured to invite a pleasant touch, this 100% long fibre cotton Canelado Towel performs. Wrap yourself in luxury and enjoy the supreme drying powers of this most elegant towel.

  • Sable Towel

    Sable Towels


    Colorful and colorfast—this bleach resistant towel is ideal for drying off after a long day. This classic collection of colors with high performing, pigment dyed 100% cotton is thin yet feels luxurious. Choose your Sable Towel color: Olive, Slate, Bruno or Clay