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Luxury Bath Robes for Sale

The Madison Collection’s elegant Contemporary patterns and styling, absorbent yet light weight equal total comfort and unparalleled luxury in robes. Your new robe purchase enables the gift of clean water to one family of five. Imagine that! One robe equals one ceramic water filter that provides 99.9% clean water to one family of five for five+ years. Feel good and luxuriously nurtured at the same time as you wrap yourself in one of our pure cotton Bathrobes knowing you have helped one family in Haiti and the Dominican Republic have access to clean water in their home. One size fits most. Clean water for one family of five. The perfect purchase!

  • Urbana hooded robe

    Bordado Hooded Bathrobe


    Next level innovation transcends the needs of all generations. Environmental design saves energy, water and space. Trimmed in universally appealing gray, softly luxurious, lightweight and absorbent. Choose from a beautiful shawl collar or a cozy hooded style. Wrap yourself in lush yet lightweight luxury.

  • Bordado Shawl Collar Bathrobe

    Bordado Shawl Collar Bathrobe


    NEXT LEVEL innovation transcends the needs of all generations. Environmental fabric design saves energy, water and space. With a beautiful shawl collar, this robed is trimmed in Millennial grey, softly luxurious, lightweight and thirsty. Wrap yourself in lightened luxury.

  • Canelado Velour Shawl Collar Bathrobe

    Canelado Velour Shawl Collar Bathrobe


    Retro-styling combined with a contemporary ribbed pattern, this beautifully absorbent light weight shawl collar bathrobe appeals to all with its hint of smoking jacket glamour. Lightweight, premium comfort, with a shawl collar finish-destined to invite an enchanted evening.

  • $150.00$155.00

    Velour Oriental Kimono Novotel Robe


    The true kimono cut of this bathrobe offers a daily retreat for modern living. Tuck yourself into kimono comfort with this Madison Collection exclusive style.

  • Novotel Kimono Jacquard Bathrobe

    Kimono Jacquard Novotel Robe


    A robe with a modern Kimono cut, trimmed with braiding on the neckline, front and sleeves a statement making bathrobe with complete comfort. Envelope yourself in
    this contemporary dimpled pattern both absorbent and delightful to the eye.

Feel Good Do Good

Feel Good


Bathrobe from The Madison Collection
Do Good


Ceramic Water Filter directly to one Haitian or Dominican family

The Madison Collection makes green luxury look, feel, and do good.