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Pool & Beach

Pool and Beach days are better with thirsty cotton towels, comfortable lounge chair covers and well-sized beach blankets—all designed for water activities! The Madison Collection Pool and Beach towels feature bright exciting colors and gentle earth tones both in stunning patterns that make for a beautiful water-side experience. Enjoy our fresh, contemporary, high-performing towels and blankets for a delightful beach or poolside retreat or an enthusiastic kid-filled day of fun in the sun!

  • Marine And Sand Towels

    Striped Pool Towel


    Next level innovation integrated with performance results in the perfect aquatic accessory: our striped towel — universally appealing in marine and white or sand and white, this vertically striped, 100% combed cotton pool towel is not only lightweight but is generously sized. Also available in sport towel size, which doubles as a playful kid’s towel.

  • Beach/Pool Towels
    $60.00 $36.00

    Beach Towel

    $60.00 $36.00

    The perfect variety of beach and pool towels: long to better suit sandy conditions, patterned to evoke ocean waves and plush enough to dry off quickly. Available in a collection of eye-catching bright colors, which look delicious on the beach.

  • $46.00

    Pool Towel


    A textured cotton towel crafted especially for the pool and beach, complementing our Lounge Chair cover. Generously sized to envelop you and surprising light weight absorbs moisture completely. Patterned with a beautiful wave border evoking a sense of water, dive right into poolside luxury!

  • Sale
    $115.00 $69.00

    Organo Massage and Beach Blanket

    $115.00 $69.00

    Supple cotton terry jacquard velour with vibrant style makes this Organa Massage and Beach Blanket great for both indoor and outdoor use. One of our signature patterns, this blanket washes well and comes in a variety of vibrant sherbet colors making it ideal for a picnic, beach blanket, or child’s blanket.

  • $75.00

    Chair Cover Canelado


    Make your lounge chair an apres swim experience with our textured cotton towel designed especially for chaise lounges. Our lounge chair cover compliments our white Pool Towel pattern and features rounded edges, with a top sleeve designed to fit snugly over most chaises. Relax, pool or beachside luxury is yours.

  • $115.00

    Velour Massage and Beach Blanket


    Evoking a hint of mystery and sensuality in supple velour in a pattern that invites a caress. You’ll fall in love with these lush cotton velour blanket in a collection of colors to warm your senses.

  • $115.00

    Baroque Blankets


    Evoking a hint of mystery and sensuality in supple velour in a pattern that invites a caress. You’ll fall in love with our lush cotton velour blankets in a collection of colors to warm your senses.

  • $115.00

    Yarn Dyed Blanket


    Two-toned and textured, this blanket works beautifully indoors and out. Classically patterned and yarn dyed blanket in white and grey, you’ll fall in love with this lush cotton velour blanket that looks beautiful in the children’s bedroom, living room or is great for beach or picnics.

  • $145.00

    Printed Yarn Blanket


    Yarn printing from Portugal, involves printing on each yarn strand before the weaving process. Regular dyeing process
    gives single shade, where yarn printing gives multi-color shade. This exquisite, comforting cotton blanket is a subtle statement piece for a massage table, bed, or any living area.