Positive Green Impact: Save Our Natural Resources

The Madison Collection is the leader in environmental responsible business practices and growth within the industry. We saw the impact that commercial laundering had on the planet. The same is true with domestic laundering.

From day one we determined that we would strive to ensure our impact on the planet be positive. Identifying and implementing responsible manufacturing and business practices created products that are sustainable.

The Madison Collection’s concept in linens whilst maintaining our hallmark of luxury has multiple benefits:

  • Lighter weight and longer fibered cotton requires less water and electricity to launder—a win/win for the environment and your budget
  • Our new Bordado collection weighs 8.3 pounds per dozen for the bath towel
  • 50% less storage space is required
  • Green luxury and beauty is preserved

You will experience what we talking about and see that we are wrapping you in green luxury.

Experience The Madison Collection and know what it is to wrap yourself in green luxury.

Bordado Collection