Why We Support Clean Water


Clean Water Provides Wellness

The Madison Collection and our customers enjoy the luxury that clean water wellness provides in our lives, homes, spas, and hotels. Clean water as a source of vitality in life is valued and seeking to continue the flow of water wellness to everyone is a mission we all share.

Our Deep Connection To Sustainibility

The Madison Collection has a deep commitment to sustainability – the foundation of the company: Amongst many practices, our water purification plant uses live bacteria to break down the natural dye pigment—no chemicals are used. Once the bacteria has accomplished the task, it is stored for ten years and then returned to the soil as fertilizer. The waters are returned to the river cleaner than when captured – just one example of our high commitment to clean water and sustainability.


Gilad S. Lang

Gilad S. Lang, Vice President | The Madison Collection and son of Charmaine, was a Peace Corps volunteer in Romania and has spent 15 years+ working on social impact innovations across Eastern Europe and South Africa. Gilad worked in the Dominican Republic with Wine to Water and Fathom Impact Travel – a cruise brand dedicated to immersing travelers with purpose driven travel experiences. From 2016-2017 Gilad coordinated thousands of Fathom travelers who helped produce and deliver thousands of Ceramic Walter Filters to Dominican and Haitian families. He has seen and experienced first hand that clean water is the critical necessity for everything in life.


Charmaine T. Lang

Charmaine T. Lang, President & CEO I The Madison Collection, frequently visits Haiti and has fallen in love with the island. She was deeply affected by Hurricane Matthew’s devastation. Haiti is a rich, lush land abundant place with natural hot springs, pure sweet air and supported by a genteel culture descended of Creole ancestry. Untouched by the modern world, this last undeveloped, 100 per cent organic island – from its food to its forests – presents a unique experience. Re-forestation, the first step, has begun, with local and international organizations and more help is critical to complete the healing of this most special island and return it to its pre-disaster lush forest, flora and fauna. In her quest to support communities in need, Charmaine and The Madison Collection are supporting Haiti and the Dominican Republic with the partnership with Wine to Water. In addition, Charmaine has initiated a tree planting program to aid in re-forestation of the island.

The Madison Collection was founded the principals of eco-commerce and has sustainably produced our products for over 20 years. We believe everyone has the right to clean water , especially the people of Haiti and the Dominican republic, who are near and dear to our hearts.