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Modernizing Luxury

Innovation of form and function in robes and towels is a vital part of attracting the next generation of wellness consumers. Charmaine T Lang from The Madison Collection explains how her company consistently maintains its successful point of dierence


Founded in 1999, The Madison Collection – which designs and eco manufactures towels, throws, robes, bath mats and blankets – supplies five-star luxury hotels, resorts and spas in over 50 countries.

Through decades of being at the top end of the market, the company continually develops its offerings to satisfy the most discerning clients, by maintaining high quality and relevance to meet current demands.

Modernising luxury “Design is increasingly important,” explains Lang, “and The Madison Collection continually studies, researches and engages with clients to understand what their customers will prefer, desire and, most importantly, enjoy experiencing.”

The inspiration to create a new genre of robe has been influenced by Lang’s travels and insights into the minds of consumers.

“Culturally and artistically, dancing tango has enhanced my visual sensitivity and intuition,” she says, “The music of the tango has ebb and flow, pause and innuendo – to dance this and dance it well, you must listen closely to the music.

“When you’re invited to dance, you surrender in the intimacy of trust. And
that is what I seek – to improve the fabrics that are used close to the skin, so they’re trusted to perform, with subliminal touches that culminate in high performing, yet subtle, modernised textiles and styles.”

The Tuxedo Robe is an example of reimagining a traditional style. “Robes are a strong part of the spa experience and yet their design has remained unchanged for decades,” says Lang. “I envisioned modernising this often overlooked garment with a tuxedo-like shawl collar, rounded edge detailing and as a special signature touch, a breast pocket for the room key,” she explains.

“We’ve also changed the design, the fabric and the finishes for our Bordado Collection with a focus on ‘modernising luxury’ and creating a universal robe, for men and women, transcending generations and appealing to those who are millennial-minded.”

“Upcoming demographics want what they wear to reflect who they are – fresh, light,

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