Our Commitment

The inspiration for The Madison Collection is based on more than twenty years of personal experience within the hospitality industry. The company has thrived because of one basic philosophy: treat everyone as a member of my family. As a business owner, immigrant woman and single parent, I understand the importance of family and have based my company on this.

Our business and factory have been organized so that our employees experience the best in workplace practices:

  • Provide transportation
  • Above and beyond Fair Wages practices
  • Profit Sharing
  • Medical Clinic on site
  • Wellness in the Workplace including fitness, nutritional counseling, healthful meals, and more
  • Education advancement
  • Voice in decision making/policy/protocol development and implementation
  • Environmental impact knowledge of all factory practices
  • Team Culture for support and mutual growth

A sense of home and family is inherent in all we do. At The Madison Collection our heart goes into our work as it is a part of who we are: it nurtures us and all who experience our products will understand that this is woven into the very fabric of all that we do.

‘Wrap yourself in Green Luxury’ is based on our core values. The Madison Collection is constantly adapting to the environment. Our collections are sensual to the touch and alluring to the eye and also energy-efficient using less water and electricity to launder.

“Every aspect of our manufacturing process is guided by environmental consideration: reduce, reuse and recycle so as to leave a legacy of health, wellness and clean water for now and generations to come.”

We provide luxury cotton essentials produced with sustainable practices, direct from our heart to your home.