Our Inspiration


Charmaine T. Lang Owner/Founder

The Madison Collection, created by visionary entrepreneur Charmaine T. Lang. An immigrant and single mother, Charmaine spent days on the road selling cash registers and point of sales terminals. One particular trip, after working several 12-hour days, missing her young son and a sense of home, she took a hot shower to ease her weary senses and as she wrapped herself in the scratchy hotel towel—she felt the immediate disconnect: the shower was renewing but the towels were not comforting at all.

It is in this ‘aha’ moment that The Madison Collection was born. Hotels should have that same sense of comfort, that fleeting moment of wrapping yourself in luxury that creates a cocoon of suspended time…that comfort she felt with her lovely towels at home.

Charmaine has built a global company based on her high standard of ethics, servicing an international clientele of more than 40 countries and growing. World renown for sourcing, designing and manufacturing the finest in sustainable cotton towels, robes and bath accessories in the industry whilst maintaining high standards of environmental and social responsibility. Our collections are now available for you to wrap yourself and your family in the same green luxury as iconic hotels.

“The heart of a business beats throughout all of its operations and shines through in its products. The Madison Collection treats all our employees like family. Our business practices honour our environment so that our company will contribute to a sustainable future for our children and theirs.”

Her joy is her work, however one of the greatest trainings in life and business has come from her passion for Argentine Tango, which has been her form of wellness and meditation. In Tango dancing, one becomes attuned to the flow of the music and the slightest touch of your partner guiding you—listening for that moment of pause within the notes signaling the next step. This confluence of mind/body intersecting with music, movement and pause evokes an innate sense of awareness, of being present, which becomes an integral part of one’s nature.

“The practice of my passion for Tango has helped not only in deeply listening but being in the present moment, being attuned to my family, my customers and hearing not only what they are saying, but what they are ‘not’ saying. The Madison Collection has been successful because of you, our customers, our family. We invite you to connect with us. We’re listening.”