Sustainably produced bathrobes, towels and cotton accessories
enjoyed worldwide in luxury hotels and spas.


  • Novotel_2-essential

    Novotel Essential 2 Towel Set


    Is the perfect choice for one’s self or to gift a special someone.

    Each Essential Set comes with:

    • 2 x Bath Sheets (40″ x 70″)
      OR 2 x Bath Towels (27″ x 58″)
    • 2 x Hand Towels (19″ x 28″)
    • 2 x Wash clothes (13″ x 13″)
    • Your Free Gift

  • $150.00$155.00

    Velour Oriental Kimono Novotel Robe


    The true kimono cut of this bathrobe offers a daily retreat for modern living. Tuck yourself into kimono comfort with this Madison Collection exclusive style.

  • Novotel Kimono Jacquard Bathrobe

    Kimono Jacquard Novotel Robe


    A robe with a modern Kimono cut, trimmed with braiding on the neckline, front and sleeves a statement making bathrobe with complete comfort. Envelope yourself in
    this contemporary dimpled pattern both absorbent and delightful to the eye.

  • Novotel-Towel

    Novotel Towels


    A towel with so much personality! This 100% cotton towel sports a contemporary dimpled pattern making it both absorbent and enjoyable to the touch. Leave the drying to us – wrap yourself in this towel and POOF! You are miraculously dry!

  • The Novotel Spa Wrap

    Novotel Spa Wrap


    Patterned with personality this pure cotton spa wrap sports a contemporary dimpled pattern making it both absorbent and enjoyable to the touch. Enjoy comfort as you relax or apply makeup and freedom of movement as you blow out your hair. This appealing soft, lightweight luxurious wrap
    feels good every time.

  • $19.00

    Novotel Turban


    Look sleek and stylish after a shampoo or by the pool with your hair swept up and wrapped in this modern turban. Let the turban do the drying while you attend to more important matters while you look good doing them.

  • The Novotel Body Glove

    Novotel Body Glove


    A specially designed body wash glove in the sporty pattern of the Novotel Collection, fits right over your hand. This body wash glove is a great exfoliator, works well with your body cleanser to build lather. This contemporary bath accessory feels good for both men and ladies.