Bordado 7+ Piece Bundle

11% Bundled Savings

Thinly plush space-saving towel uses 40% less water and electricity for complete wash/dry cycle and requires 50% less storage. Thinly plush, ultra-absorbent, energy and space saving towel framed with millennial-grey stitching.

100% long-fibre Brazilian combed cotton – naturally farmed, purely smooth, spun to perfect-tension long fibres

Proven and experienced in hundreds of five-star eco-destinations globally

300 GSM

Slip-Less© technology with hundreds of eco-pellets grip flooring, whilst sustainably sourced and woven cotton trimmed in millennial grey softly embraces your feet.

Slip-Less© technology ensures safe entrance and exit to bathing, using hundreds of eco-conscious rubber pellets, which are applied without glues or chemical adhesives

Preferred by hundreds of five-star eco-destinations globally for elegant bathroom and bedside use.

700 GSM


1 x bath mats 19″ x 34″
2 x wash cloths 13″ x 13″
2 x hand towels 19″ x 28″
2 x body towels choose: BATH TOWEL (27″ x 58″) or BATH SHEET (40″ x 70″)
3 x organic wool eco dryer balls (gift – $15 value)