Canelado 14+ Piece Bundle

16% Bundled Savings
Lushly thin, generously patterned, highly absorbent.

100% long-fibre Brazilian cotton – sustainably farmed, woven by a curated composite system blending the strongest cotton fibers without fluff fillers

Chosen by thousands of spas and beloved by those seeking the ritual of spa at home

440 GSM

Renown for distinguished craftsmanship and expertise in textiles, woven by artisans in Portugal, our highly textured mat is a delightful tactile innovation to greet your feet.

100% sustainably farmed cotton – ideal for ideal absorbency and softness

Preferred by hundreds of five-star hotels, spas and resorts globally for durable designs and matching robe and towels.

1050 GSM

2 x bath mats 19″ x 34″
4 x wash cloths 13″ x 13″
4 x hand towels 19″ x 28″
4 x body towels choose: BATH TOWEL (27″ x 58″) or BATH SHEET (40″ x 70″)
6 x organic wool eco dryer balls (gift – $30 value)