Novotel 7+ Piece Bundle

11% Bundled Savings

Sporty luxury plus performance – a proven choice for 15+ years in prestigious country clubs, golf courses, tennis, and yoga studios.

100% long-fibre Brazilian cotton – sustainably farmed, a curated composite system produces strong and consistent cotton fibers without fluff fillers

Dimpled pattern provides a biconcave design that delivers high-power absorbency with a softly sporty feel

500 GSM

Renown for distinguished craftsmanship and expertise in textiles, woven by artisans in Portugal, our highly textured mat is a delightful tactile innovation to greet your feet.

100% sustainably farmed cotton

1050 GSM

1 x bath mats 19″ x 34″
2 x wash cloths 13″ x 13″
2 x hand towels 19″ x 28″
2 x body towels choose: BATH TOWEL (27″ x 58″) or BATH SHEET (40″ x 70″)
3 x organic wool eco dryer balls (gift – $15 value)