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Novotel Velour




Cocoon yourself in exclusive comfort and sumptuous soft velour in a dimpled biconcave soft-touch pattern.  Statement sleeves contain hidden pockets retaining sleek Kimono wrap


Feel Good + Do Good: Your robe purchase provides clean water for a family of 7+ for 5+ years

100% long-fibre Brazilian cotton – sustainably farmed, woven to 500GSM with a curated composite system produces strong and consistent cotton fibers without fluff fillers

A proven choice for 15+ years in prestigious resort, day spas, and country clubs

The Madison Collection - Oeko-Tex - Standard 100

Certified free from 100+ harmful substances


O/SFits Most$150
XXL51” Length$155
XXXL54” Length$160



Water temp up to 190ºF/90ºC

Separate colors from whites

Pre-soak is not required

May use non-chlorine bleach or Benzene for minor stains

Anionic Softener may be used in moderation


Dry up to 190ºF/90ºC

Toss Friendsheep Organic Eco Wool Dryer Balls in the dryer: 3+ for small loads, 6+ for larger loads

Friendsheep Sustainable Wool designs environmentally friendly goods in the US

Eliminate dryer sheets with Fair Trade, zero-waste Organic Eco Dryer Balls.  Their natural gentle tumbling movement assists to further separate your items, allowing the heat to better flow and naturally reduce wrinkles, static cling, and drying time.

These 100% organic New Zealand wool dryer balls are individually hand-made with love by artisanal women in the Himalayan Valley of Kathmandu in Nepal.

Our Difference

The Madison Collection Difference - Feel Good + Do Good Initiatives

We have partnered with Wine to Water, an international nonprofit.

The purchase of one robe enables the gift of one water filter that provides clean drinking and cooking water for one family of 7+people for 5+ years.

Your Robe purchase makes a difference by helping one family to increase school and work attendance by over 20% and ensure safety for women and girls through water collection security. We believe everyone has the right to clean water. Together we can make a difference.”

Your Eco Impact From Purchasing This Product
25.0 km
of driving emissions avoided
2,310.7 hours
of LED bulb energy saved


Eco Attributes of this Product

Better Cotton initiative

The Better Cotton Initiative promotes best standards in sustainable farming and fair-trade practices in 21 countries benefitting manufacturers, farmers and the environment.

Green manufacturing

Our factory is naturally powered: jet air, fueled by hydro-power which comes from the briquettes, made from upcycled cotton fluff and waste-wood.

Non Toxic

Looming process use flour and water which washes out cleanly in the dying process. Our dying process is Oeko-Tex certified.

Pure Water

Our non-chemical water purification plant uses live bacteria to break down the dye pigment. The waters are returned to the river cleaner than when captured.

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