The Madison Collection, our paradigm shifting environmental practices make green luxury look, do and feel good.


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The Madison Collection’s environmental leadership in the creation of sustainably produced luxury robes, towels and cotton home essentials deliver the high level of expectation of what you bring into your home: good products that are good for you and your home.

Good use of water, electricity and space, The Madison Collection has created mindfully designed cotton essentials resulting in an innovative concept of luxury: new technology with higher performing, lighter weight towels, robes and cotton essentials for your home using minimal natural resources. The Madison Collection is the embodiment of sustainable practices and luxury.

Taking this paradigm shifting concept of sustainable luxury to another level, we come full circle in our view of responsible practices with your support of our empathetic giving: with your robe purchase and our partnership with Wine to Water you give one ceramic water filter to a family in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. You do good with our goods. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

Shop The Madison Collection and wrap yourself in the very same luxury that hundreds of Five Star Hotels and Spas have been privy to for over twenty years. High quality, fine cotton, sustainably produced towels, robes and essentials—now available for your home. Feel the lush caress of the best in fine cotton as you emerge from your shower —from your toes touching the softest bath mats to enveloping yourself in our towels and robes to pool or beachside aquatic activities— wrap yourself in the best, wrap yourself in the unparalleled luxury that is The Madison Collection.