Sustainably produced bathrobes, towels and cotton accessories
enjoyed worldwide in luxury hotels and spas.


The Madison Collection, our paradigm shifting environmental practices make green luxury look, do and feel good.

  • Novotel_2-essential

    Essential 6 Piece Towel Set


    Is the perfect choice for one’s self or to gift a special someone.

    Each Essential Set comes with:

    • 2 x Bath Sheets (40″ x 70″)
      OR 2 x Bath Towels (27″ x 58″)
    • 2 x Hand Towels (19″ x 28″)
    • 2 x Wash clothes (13″ x 13″)
    • Your Free Gift

  • Canelado 4 Essential

    Essential 12 Piece Towel Set



    Is perfect for couples, partners and newlyweds and has everything needed to make a total bathroom statement.

    Each Essential Set comes with:

    • 4 x Bath Sheets (40″ x 70″)
      OR 4 x Bath Towels (27″ x 58″)
    • 4 x Hand Towels (19″ x 28″)
    • 4 x Wash clothes (13″ x 13″)
    • Your Free Gift

  • $9.00$65.00

    Bordado Towels


    Voted Best Spa Towel 2016




    NEXT LEVEL innovation transcends the needs of all generations. Environmental design saves energy, water and space. Trimmed in universally appealing gray, softly luxurious, lightweight and thirsty. Generously sized so wrap it up, bathing rituals completed!

  • $8.00$62.00

    Luxor Towels


    A refined Egyptian cotton towel so sophisticated you will be thrilled at its performance. It absorbs moisture so quickly, you barely have to dry yourself. Relax and enjoy your shower or bath, leave the drying to Luxor.

  • $150.00

    Bordado Shawl Collar Bathrobe


    NEXT LEVEL innovation transcends the needs of all generations. Environmental fabric design saves energy, water and space. With a beautiful shawl collar, this robed is trimmed in Millennial grey, softly luxurious, lightweight and thirsty. Wrap yourself in lightened luxury.

  • Marine And Sand Towels

    Striped Pool Towel


    Next level innovation integrated with performance results in the perfect aquatic accessory: our striped towel — universally appealing in marine and white or sand and white, this vertically striped, 100% combed cotton pool towel is not only lightweight but is generously sized. Also available in sport towel size, which doubles as a playful kid’s towel.

  • $115.00

    Velour Massage and Beach Blanket


    Evoking a hint of mystery and sensuality in supple velour in a pattern that invites a caress. You’ll fall in love with these lush cotton velour blanket in a collection of colors to warm your senses.

  • $18.00

    Bordado Facial Towel


    Specifically designed for facial treatments, this perfectly sized, gentle to the touch, this towel is pure bliss on the face, neck and décolleté. Environmental design saves energy, water and space. Trimmed in appealing neutral, it is softly luxurious, lightweight and absorbent.

  • $115.00$220.00

    Massage Cotton Blanket


    Premium comfort in the finest quality cotton is woven into this lightweight blanket. Patterned with a European look and feel, creating an inviting environment that delivers on warmth and comfort. Designed to maintain its beautiful sheen no matter how many launderings. Available in both King and Queen sizes.

  • $46.00

    Flat & Fitted Sheet


    Flat & Fitted Sheet finely crafted with the purest cotton in a 200 thread count. Designed for optimum use with a massage table. Don’t let the thread count fool you, finer and purer cotton like ours is softer than most, one touch and you’ll sigh with joy as your relax deeply into your massage experience.

  • $115.00

    Baroque Blankets


    Evoking a hint of mystery and sensuality in supple velour in a pattern that invites a caress. You’ll fall in love with our lush cotton velour blankets in a collection of colors to warm your senses.

  • $14.00

    Massage Cradle Cover


    A supreme resting place for your face in luxurious cotton velour. Long -lasting comfort in the finest quality cotton without elastic. Close your eyes and drift as your face relaxes in bliss.

  • $80.00

    Serenity Fitted Sheets


    Finely crafted with the purest cotton. Designed for optimum use with a massage table, extra-long and skirted, with face-cradle accessibility. Don’t let the count fool you, finer and purer cotton like ours is softer than most, one touch and you’ll sigh with joy.

  • $115.00

    Yarn Dyed Blanket


    Two-toned and textured, this blanket works beautifully indoors and out. Classically patterned and yarn dyed blanket in white and grey, you’ll fall in love with this lush cotton velour blanket that looks beautiful in the children’s bedroom, living room or is great for beach or picnics.

  • $47.00

    Sauna Towel


    Specially designed to be comfortable in saunas and absorbent in steam it’s long and narrow size makes it ideal in these spaces. Rest both your head and feet at the same time on this contemporary patterned cotton towel as you relax in perfect peace.

  • $290.00

    Mohair Throw


    Our Mohair Throw is composed of a particular baby mohair fiber, woven in South Africa. It is elastic and lightweight, yet warm. Beautiful as a decorative throw, available in three vibrant colors.

  • $250.00

    Alpaca Throws


    Soft as silk, you’ll want to take our luxurious Baby Alpaca throws everywhere. Baby Alpaca yarn resists pilling, which makes it a perfect blanket for traveling, folding up as small as a scarf. Available in three contemporary colors to serve as beautiful accents to your decor.

  • $46.00

    Pool Towel


    A textured cotton towel crafted especially for the pool and beach, complementing our Lounge Chair cover. Generously sized to envelop you and surprising light weight absorbs moisture completely. Patterned with a beautiful wave border evoking a sense of water, dive right into poolside luxury!

  • Sale
    $115.00 $69.00

    Organo Massage and Beach Blanket

    $115.00 $69.00

    Supple cotton terry jacquard velour with vibrant style makes this Organa Massage and Beach Blanket great for both indoor and outdoor use. One of our signature patterns, this blanket washes well and comes in a variety of vibrant sherbet colors making it ideal for a picnic, beach blanket, or child’s blanket.

  • $6.00$56.00

    Novotel Towels


    A towel with so much personality! This 100% cotton towel sports a contemporary dimpled pattern making it both absorbent and enjoyable to the touch. Leave the drying to us – wrap yourself in this towel and POOF! You are miraculously dry!

  • Beach/Pool Towels
    $60.00 $36.00

    Beach Towel

    $60.00 $36.00

    The perfect variety of beach and pool towels: long to better suit sandy conditions, patterned to evoke ocean waves and plush enough to dry off quickly. Available in a collection of eye-catching bright colors, which look delicious on the beach.

  • $6.00$56.00

    Canelado Towels


    Essentially elegant, textured to invite a pleasant touch, this 100% long fibre cotton Canelado Towel performs. Wrap yourself in luxury and enjoy the supreme drying powers of this most elegant towel.

  • $7.00$59.00

    Sable Towels


    Colorful and colorfast—this bleach resistant towel is ideal for drying off after a long day. This classic collection of colors with high performing, pigment dyed 100% cotton is thin yet feels luxurious. Choose your Sable Towel color: Olive, Slate, Bruno or Clay

  • $150.00$155.00

    Kimono Jacquard Novotel Robe


    A robe with a modern Kimono cut, trimmed with braiding on the neckline, front and sleeves a statement making bathrobe with complete comfort. Envelope yourself in
    this contemporary dimpled pattern both absorbent and delightful to the eye.

  • $150.00$160.00

    Canelado Velour Shawl Collar Bathrobe


    Retro-styling combined with a contemporary ribbed pattern, this beautifully absorbent light weight shawl collar bathrobe appeals to all with its hint of smoking jacket glamour. Lightweight, premium comfort, with a shawl collar finish-destined to invite an enchanted evening.

  • $150.00$155.00

    Velour Oriental Kimono Novotel Robe


    The true kimono cut of this bathrobe offers a daily retreat for modern living. Tuck yourself into kimono comfort with this Madison Collection exclusive style.

  • $150.00

    Bordado Hooded Bathrobe


    Next level innovation transcends the needs of all generations. Environmental design saves energy, water and space. Trimmed in universally appealing gray, softly luxurious, lightweight and absorbent. Choose from a beautiful shawl collar or a cozy hooded style. Wrap yourself in lush yet lightweight luxury.

  • $19.00

    Novotel Turban


    Look sleek and stylish after a shampoo or by the pool with your hair swept up and wrapped in this modern turban. Let the turban do the drying while you attend to more important matters while you look good doing them.

  • $60.00

    Bordado Spa Wrap


    Apres shower or bath, relax at home in the same luxury you find at 5-star spas. Specially designed to be lightweight and velcro-free, enjoy comfort as you relax or apply makeup and freedom of movement as you blow out your hair. This appealing soft, lightweight luxurious wrap feels good every time.

  • $6.00

    Novotel Body Glove


    A specially designed body wash glove in the sporty pattern of the Novotel Collection, fits right over your hand. This body wash glove is a great exfoliator, works well with your body cleanser to build lather. This contemporary bath accessory feels good for both men and ladies.

  • $30.00

    Cotton Tub Mat


    Experience the sensation of a foot massage every time you step out of the shower or bath. Co-ordinates beautifully with most of our towel and robe patterns to create a total bathroom ensemble.

    These mats have 3 different patterns that correlate to their different ranges:

    • Canelado
    • Novotel
    • Luxor
  • $27.00

    Sable Collection With Slip-Less Technology


    Durable, rejuvenate your feet every time you step out of the shower or bath. This Sable Tub Mat is bleach resistant and available in four classic colors: Olive, Slate, Bruno and Clay

  • $25.00

    Terry Tub Mat With Slip-Less Technology


    Our durable cotton Terry Tub Mat provides a soft resting place for feet. Enhance your everyday bath collection.

  • Velour Tub Mat With Pellets

    Velour Tub Mat With Slip-Less Technology


    Sensual to the touch, feet feel luxurious stepping onto our cotton velour tub mat. Designed with a contemporary elegant look, this mat appeals to most decor.

  • Urbana-01

    Bordado Tub Mat With Slip-Less Technology


    Bordado Cotton Tub Mat is the NEXT LEVEL innovation that meets the needs of all generations. Environmental design saves energy, water and space. Trimmed in millennial, this sleek mat welcomes your feet.

  • $42.00

    Tub Mat Wave With Slip-less Technology


    Our luxurious Tub Mat wave is made with a longer length and provides a soft resting place for feet. A perfect addition to your everyday Bath Collection.

  • $95.00

    Velour Fitted Sheet


    Lush and fitted, our 100% cotton terry Velour Fitted Sheet makes for a sumptuous massage experience. Easily fits most massage tables, light weight yet plush. Close your eyes and enjoy the experience!

  • $75.00

    Chair Cover Canelado


    Make your lounge chair an apres swim experience with our textured cotton towel designed especially for chaise lounges. Our lounge chair cover compliments our white Pool Towel pattern and features rounded edges, with a top sleeve designed to fit snugly over most chaises. Relax, pool or beachside luxury is yours.

  • $145.00

    Printed Yarn Blanket


    Yarn printing from Portugal, involves printing on each yarn strand before the weaving process. Regular dyeing process
    gives single shade, where yarn printing gives multi-color shade. This exquisite, comforting cotton blanket is a subtle statement piece for a massage table, bed, or any living area.

  • $230.00

    Italian Merino Wool Throw


    100% Italian Merino Wool, the intricate two-tone weave of these feather light throws were born from the simple mix of fresh air, sunshine, grass and water. Merino wool is cultivated by generations of Italian wool growers, who nurture every step of the growing process to deliver one of the earth’s finest and most precious fibers. Savor the light-weight warmth of pure Merino wool!


  • $230.00

    Air Collection Throw


    100% feather light and luxurious Merino Wool. A lovely gift or treat yourself to this beautiful piece of luxury. The lighter weight makes this blanket an ideal choice for summer months or warmer climates where natural fibers offer the greatest comfort. Supremely versatile, throws look great over beds, sofas and armchairs.

  • $150.00

    Marine Robe


    Experience effortless fashion fused with endless comfort. The Marine Robe’s design takes you from day break to home pampering treatments to fresh air lounging. Wrap yourself in a combination of 100% terry cloth inside and 100% cotton exterior woven together with a new age light weight weave, creating an eco-friendly, yet luxurious and fashion-forward feel.

The Madison Collection’s environmental leadership in the creation of sustainably produced luxury robes, towels and cotton home essentials deliver the high level of expectation of what you bring into your home: good products that are good for you and your home.

Good use of water, electricity and space, The Madison Collection has created mindfully designed cotton essentials resulting in an innovative concept of luxury: new technology with higher performing, lighter weight towels, robes and cotton essentials for your home using minimal natural resources. The Madison Collection is the embodiment of sustainable practices and luxury.

Taking this paradigm shifting concept of sustainable luxury to another level, we come full circle in our view of responsible practices with your support of our empathetic giving: with your robe purchase and our partnership with Wine to Water you give one ceramic water filter to a family in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. You do good with our goods. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

Shop The Madison Collection and wrap yourself in the very same luxury that hundreds of Five Star Hotels and Spas have been privy to for over twenty years. High quality, fine cotton, sustainably produced towels, robes and essentials—now available for your home. Feel the lush caress of the best in fine cotton as you emerge from your shower —from your toes touching the softest bath mats to enveloping yourself in our towels and robes to pool or beachside aquatic activities— wrap yourself in the best, wrap yourself in the unparalleled luxury that is The Madison Collection.