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Novotel Essential Set

A towel with so much personality and ethically made! This 100% cotton towel sports a contemporary dimpled pattern making it both absorbent and enjoyable to the touch.Wrap yourself in this uniquely woven high-absorbent towel and POOF! You are miraculously dry! Details: 100% Long Fiber Cotton, Pre-washed and Pre-shrunk, eco-friendly, sustainable 440 gr/m2

From mat to towel, from head to toe, The Novotel Essential Bath Sets have everything you need to make a total bathroom statement. Gratitude is a cornerstone of our corporate culture and with each Essential Bath Set collection, we offer you a choice of a special gift of appreciation from the The Madison Collection. We invite you to select the Essential Bath Set most suitable to your needs and enjoy a gift of thanks, from our home to yours. Essential Bath Sets are available in all our collections