Laundering Protocols for Safe Linens

Essential Overview of Pre and Post Handling of Hostpitality Linens

Many of you have turned to us, asking questions on how to care for your high quality linens and make sure they are safe to use.

We have listened to you—our customers, our colleagues, our friends; and have gathered the following research from leading institutions like the Mayo Clinic and CDC on best laundering practices.

We stand alongside you and are here to help keep you, your staff and guests safe. Together we will ensure a healthy future for everyone, your business and our environment.

Download Laundering Protocols
For Safe Linens

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Thank you for your interest in The Madison Collection. For over 20 years, we are committed to creating luxurious, lightweight hotel and spa linens, while at the same time protecting the environment, promoting workplace wellness and supporting clean water rights.

The Madison Collection creates superior towels and robes, as well as bath and spa accessories that provide comfort, absorbency and durability for operator and client.

The Madison Collection offers innovative products to a global clientele in thousands of properties in 50+ countries.


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